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Diesel Delivery & Supply

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Fuel is a major part of business & production, and has to be managed professionally, efficiently and responsibly. We are dedicated to helping businesses keep the lights on, through sunshine, rain, and load shedding. We specialise in Diesel delivery & supply, refuelling, refilling, and tank installations across Gauteng, servicing all industries, from agriculture & construction all the way to municipalities & religious institutions. We put emphasis on excellent customer service, ensuring our clients receive their required Diesel service as and when they need it.

Diesel delivery and supply
Drainage of contaminated Diesel and testing
Supply, delivery and installation of diesel tanks
Installation of automatic PLC systems
Bulk Tanks & Fleet Fuel Management Solutions

Fuel Management Systems

Robust Fuel Management

The GSD Diesel Fuel Management System is a robust cloud-hosted solution for fuel management, designed for the private fueling requirements of our clients. Whether you require the system for a single site or large fleets with multiple fueling sites needing accurately managed control on fueling to minimize losses, this comprehensive solution has been designed for a harsh environment requiring minimal admin, attention, and maintenance giving you a paperless fuel management system for your business. Interested? Click on the button below and let’s get talking!

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24/7 delivery & supply
Mobile card facilities for payment
50ppm Fuel dispensed & filtered
GSM Modules for 50% level and notifications
Supply & SLA Agreements

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